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Smile All 11 Combo

 Smile Complete Range, 50g(pack of 11 different products)

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1 Smile Tawa Paneer:- Red Gravy Paneer Spice Mix- Our Signature
1 Smile Vegetable Kadhai:- Red Gravy Mix Veg Spice Mix
1 Smile Khoya Kaju:- Sweet White Gravy
1 Smile Methi Mutter:- White Gravy Vegetable Spice Mix option
1 Smile Pav Bhaji:- Instant Pav Bhaji subji mix
1 Smile Punjabi Chhole-: Traditional Chhole Spice Mix
1 Smile Day Light:- Yellow Gravy Paneer/Mix Veg Spice  Mix
1 Smile Corn Paneer (no onion no garlic):- Red Gravy Paneer Spice Mix
1 Smile Moon Shine (no onion no garlic):- Our Jain version of Khoya Kaju with an interesting twist
1 Smile Jain Kadhai (no onion no garlic):- Red Gravy Mix Vegetables Spice Mix
1 Smile Miracle Paneer (no onion no garlic):- White gravy Mutter Paneer mix

All 11 Different Veg Gravy Varients. Contain no Artificial Colours or Preservatives. Serves 4 from 1 pack. Smile Quick Meal Mixes are innovative Ready to Cook Spice Mixes from Mother's Magic Foods.